How do you wash rugs?

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly on both sides. When it comes to the real cleaning solution, you can use a carpet shampoo like this one from Bissell. Vacuum or brush the carpet. Shake the carpet outside to remove excess dirt.

Treat stains with your favorite pretreatment or dish soap. Put the rug in the machine with a couple of towels. Add a mild laundry detergent, choose a delicate, cold cycle and start. Dry the carpet outdoors for best results.

The first time you clean a carpet, wash it separately from any other clothing if it doesn't fade or can't be machine washed. Now that you've established that your carpet is machine washable, we'll show you the 5-step method for machine washing. Unless your carpet has a label that clearly states that it can be dry-cleaned or only stains cleaned, most carpets can be washed, even those with a rubber backing. Some people prefer this because they feel they can get a deeper and more deliberate clean than letting their washing machine do it for them.

You may know how to wash a rug in the washing machine, but if the care label doesn't recommend it, it's important to hand wash it properly.

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