When do you wash blankets?

How often you wash your blankets depends on how well you use them. If you have them in bed every night, try to wash them every two to three months. If they come into contact with your skin, wash them weekly together with your sheets. To decide how often to wash bed linen, such as extra blankets, you need to find out how often they are actually used.

If you have blankets at the end of the bed that are rarely unrolled and used, washing them every few months should work well. However, if you use a blanket every day or every night, you may want to apply it on a weekly or biweekly washing program. Synthetic blankets, such as fleece and plush, can be put in the washing machine and dryer just like cotton or linen. They simply can't handle higher temperatures, so wash them in cold or hot environments.

You might not notice damage after a few hot washes, but Kozen told us that, in the long run, synthetic fibers don't maintain their shape, thickness, or integrity for as long as natural fiber blankets. Therefore, washing them with hot water frequently or drying them at high heat will accelerate their decline. How often should you wash your blankets? It depends on the type you have and how much you use it. It is recommended to use once a week for most blankets, although if you don't use them often, every two weeks is fine.

Let's take a look at the most common types of blankets and how to wash them. If you consistently use a flat sheet, you may be able to stretch it out and wash the blanket every two to four weeks. You don't have to wash your blankets as often as you wash your sheets, but it's a good idea to clean them properly several times a year. The number of blankets you can put in the washing machine depends on the material, the cleaning instructions and whether or not you are going to wash them with other items.

If you use a blanket less often, be careful that the color fades when you wash it (if it's not color resistant). Most blankets are machine washable with the right settings, but if you're not sure of the best cleaning method for your blanket, you can also wash it by hand. In the next four steps, we'll teach you how to wash your fleece blanket without fear of damaging the material. Woolen fabric naturally repels dirt and stains, so even if you use the blanket frequently, you only need to wash it a few times a year.

If you have this type of washing machine, clean the blanket with detergent free soap and don't put it in the dryer afterwards. Also, avoid washing sheets with hot water, as they can shrink them, which you might not notice until you try to put them back in bed. While there are some blankets, such as cotton blankets, that you can throw in the washing machine, there are others that need to be hand washed, dry-cleaned, or stains cleaned. However, if you want to clean your crochet or knit blanket in the washing machine, we suggest that you place the material in a garment or mesh bag before placing it in the machine.

The best times to wash bed linen, blankets, and other types of bedding depend mainly on the use and how close the materials are to your body when you sleep. You may need to wash them first if you use them outdoors or if you accidentally spill food or coffee over the top. After washing the blanket, check it before putting it in the dryer to see if the stain has disappeared.

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