How Much Does it Cost to Clean a 5x7 Area Rug?

Are you wondering how much it costs to clean a 5x7 area rug? It's important to know the cost of carpet cleaning before you hire a professional. The cost of cleaning a 5x7 area rug depends on the type of carpet, the size of the rug, and the method used to clean it. Carpet cleaners typically charge by the square foot or by the hour. For example, an 8x10 rug may cost more than a 5x7 rug because it takes more time and effort to clean.

The type of carpet also affects the cost of cleaning. Wool carpets, for instance, require special care and may be more expensive to clean than synthetic carpets. When it comes to cleaning methods, steam cleaning is usually the most popular choice. This method uses hot water and detergent to deep clean carpets and remove dirt and stains.

Dry cleaning is another option that uses special chemicals to clean carpets without using water. This method is often used for wool carpets as they cannot tolerate the heat of steam cleaning. If you're looking for a more affordable option, you can try DIY carpet cleaning. This involves renting a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store and using it to clean your own carpets.

However, this method may not be as effective as professional carpet cleaning and may not be suitable for all types of carpets. When hiring a professional carpet cleaner, make sure to ask about their rates and services. Ask about any additional fees such as transportation costs if they need to take your rug away for cleaning. Also, inquire about their experience in cleaning different types of carpets so that you can be sure that your rug will be properly taken care of.

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