Where to take my rugs for cleaning?

The team at NYC Steam Cleaning specializes in the full range of oriental carpet steam cleaning and pet stain removal services at affordable prices. Carpets should not only be cleaned when they look dirty or have a specific smell. Bacteria, dust mites, mold, allergens and other microorganisms tend to become deeply embedded in the fibers of a carpet and can look clean on the surface. If you have a carpet made of silk or a rug with fringes, stay away from the vacuum cleaner or you risk causing more damage.

So, if you're not sure what level of cleaning you need or the type of carpet you have, we'll be happy to schedule a same-day on-site consultation, with no obligation. It's worth the money to have carpets cleaned by a professional if they're fragile, have stains that are hard to remove, or if you don't know how to clean them. In fact, even if you don't have a spill or stain, it's advisable to clean the carpet in the area approximately once a year to keep the carpet fibers in good health. In general, carpet cleaning prices depend on the square footage of the carpet, the material it's made of, whether any repairs are needed, and whether you need a professional to travel to your location or provide pickup and delivery services.

If you're a fan of interior decoration, you'll also want to think about how well your furniture matches your current carpet. They brought large towels to put on the bathroom and hallway floors to keep them clean while filling and emptying the carpet cleaning machine. These are some of the most efficient oriental carpet cleaning methods you can try on your own so you don't have to invest in new, expensive carpets any time soon. We recommend that you vacuum carpets in the area at least once a week so that you can completely remove dust, dirt and fresh debris and keep the carpets looking as clean and smelling fresh as possible.

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